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Smart moves are easy with Nexon ABC

Looking for trusted cloud solutions? Nexon Agile Business Cloud (ABC) – along with any apps that you choose to integrate (ERP, CRM and/or BI) – is delivered and managed by our team of certified engineers. We use only best-in-class solutions to complement, protect and enhance your ICT services, in line with your changing business needs.

Control your cost


There’s no better way to deliver a more cost effective and reliable cloud-based ICT platform. Achieve more with your technology budget, and reduce your operational spend.

Improve user experience


Optimise the performance of your applications so they run more efficiently and provide better experiences to both employees and customers.

Deploy services faster

Deploy Services Faster

Thanks to the speed, performance and agility of Nexon ABC, you can improve your development, deployment and go to market timelines.

Partner with experts

Partner with experts

Delivered and managed by Nexon’s team of certified engineers, you have direct access to the leading experts in custombuilt cloud solutions.

Customers 1to1 case study – play video

Client Case Study

Customers 1to1

Nexon Agile Business Cloud (ABC) offered the reliable infrastructure, application support and the breadth of expertise that allowed Customers 1to1 to manage costs and focus instead on ways to grow its business.

Customers 1to1 switched from time-intensive, in-house infrastructure to the fully managed Nexon ABC, offering new opportunities to expand their business.


Achieve more with Nexon ABC + integrated apps

Now, you can do even more with Nexon ABC – by incorporating our customised business apps: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

With everything working together as part of a scalable and efficient ICT solution, you’ll enjoy far superior, integrated insights, for faster and more effective decision-making. Plus, you can scale your solution at any time, and our certified engineers will monitor, maintain and manage your investment on an ongoing basis – so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.


The insight you need, when you need it

With a cloud-based, integrated Business Intelligence (BI) application, you can stay on top of your business’ strategy and performance, around the clock. Incorporate trending and analytics information, scorecarding, KPIs and more to ensure your overall business strategy and goals are aligned with actual performance.


Deeper, more lasting customer relationships

By integrating a customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app into your overarching Nexon ABC solution, you can access, capture and utilise your customer information like never before. Cross-reference ongoing customer activity with ERP-based insights to drive even greater insight and ensure effective planning. Plus, give your sales people the information they need – anytime, anywhere.


Superior, more informed decision making

With an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) app as part of Nexon ABC, you can streamline and integrate all your core business applications across your business – and access key insights anywhere, at any time. You’ll benefit from having a common foundation for reporting, and save time and money by consolidating disparate software and systems into the one, easy to use, integrated app.

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